RGB colours live on your screen. Usually, computer and phone screens mix Red, Green and Blue colours to show you images. This is why when you print a computer file, the colours look noticeably different than on your screen. Colours can also look very different between different devices.


CMYK is the method mixing colours for printing. Most digital printers and offset presses use the standard mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to put your image on paper. These colours can look different depending on your printer and the printer settings, and can
usually be adjusted to fit your needs.


Pantone’s tools for graphic design help you get the right colour in print and digital. The original Pantone Matching System (PMS) revolutionized the printing industry by giving graphic designers, artists, and printers a simple, accurate global language for communicating colour. Today, the system has expanded to nearly 2,000 colours with CMYK, RGB and Hex values, plus a range of specialty colours for when printed materials require a bit more subtlety, pop, or shine.

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